Release v2.5

Based on the value feedback we’ve received in recent week and months, we have decided to implement a usage-based pricing model, which uses credits. These credits can be utilised for both virtual styling sessions and the creation of virtual garments.

For virtual styling sessions, we are departing from the pervious fixed limits associated with subscription plans. With credits, you will only be charged when your customers engage with the virtual dressing room, offering a more flexible and responsive approach to pricing.

As for virtual garments, the system remains largely unchanged, except that you’ll now pay for garments using credits instead of dollars. This change grants you increased flexibility, allowing you to use your purchased credits for both virtual styling session and garment creation. This simplifies cost monitoring, as you only need to keep track of your credit balance.

You can access more detailed information in our documentation.

If you currently have an active subscription, you have the option to transition by purchasing credits, which will automatically terminate your old subscription. The choice of when or if to make the switch is entirely up to you, and old subscriptions will be preserved. Please be aware that creating virtual garments will now require the use of credits.