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Benefits for your Fashion Online Store

Benefits for your Fashion Online Store

Enhanced User Engagement

The gamified dressing room encourages extended website visits, leading to higher user retention and increased sales opportunities.

Increased Product Discovery

Interactive mix and match animations promote enhanced product exposure, potentially leading to increased sales and diversified purchases.

Customer Loyalty

The engaging dressing room experience promotes habitual shopping, improving user retention and customer loyalty.

Brand Differentiation

The interactive shopping experience differentiates the brand, attracting a younger demographic and enhancing organic reach.

Improved Buying Decisions

Personalized avatars enhance buying decisions, improving customer satisfaction and reducing return rates.

Data-Driven Insights

By collecting body data and preferences, stores gain insights for product improvement, targeted marketing, and an enhanced shopping experience.

Virtual Try On for E-Commerce

Experience the Future of Fashion Online Shops

Improved Shopping Experience

Transform Your Online Shop

If your online shop looks like any other, it’s time to upgrade. With our Shopify virtual try-on app powered by PICTOFiT, you can make your online shop more exciting in no time. Allow your shoppers to try on your clothes before they buy. Not only will you achieve a better sales quota and user engagement, but you will also reduce the number of returns and definitely stand out from the competition.

+ 100 %
More User Sessions
+ 10 %
Higher Conversion Rate
+ 100 %
Increased User Revenue

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The perfect solution for any business size

With PICTOFiT, you only pay for what you use. Every time a shopper enters the virtual dressing room in your store, one credit is spent for a virtual try-on session. Creating a virtual garment for one of your products costs five credits. You can buy credits as you go or set up a monthly auto-renewal. Upon installation, you will get 50 credits for free to get started with your virtual dressing room.

  • 30 Credits $ 15

    $ 0.50 per credit

  • 80 Credits $ 32

    $ 0.40 per credit

  • 240 Credits $ 79

    $ 0.33 per credit

  • 600 Credits $ 168

    $ 0.28 per credit

  • 1200 Credits $ 300

    $ 0.25 per credit

  • 1800 Credits $ 396

    $ 0.22 per credit

  • 2900 Credits $ 609

    $ 0.21 per credit

  • 4000 Credits $ 760

    $ 0.19 per credit

Need more? Customized Packages for Your Business


We offer custom packages with bulk pricing as well as additional services for enterprise customers.

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Frequent Questions

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PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On

The smallest credit package starts at $ 15 and grants you 30 credits. For example, this would allow 30 of your shoppers to use the virtual dressing room on your site. You can always buy more credits as you need them and we only charge for what you use. Above, you can see all price options.

Yes! When installing the app, we give you 50 credits for free.
All you need is a supported online shop and product images, following this guideline.

Yes, we do for enterprise plans. To enable a 3D virtual try on experience, you must upload your garments in 3D. If you don’t have 3D models based on CAD files yet, please contact our sales team.

When one of your shoppers enters the virtual dressing room on your site, a virtual try-on session is started. No matter how much time the shopper spends in the virtual dressing room or how often they open and close it, it’s always considered only a single session. Only when the shopper leaves your store (e.g. closes the browser window) and returns at a later point, a new sessions is started.

Our AI-powered content pipeline turns your regular product images into virtual garments that can be used in the virtual dressing room. Creating a virtual garment costs 5 credits.

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